When I was younger I wanted to be the school canteen lady

Everyone grows up wanting to be someone they admire. I grew up wanting to be the school canteen lady. That’s probably because unlike my mum, this lady gave me access to sugar sweets and deep fried goodness. But as I grew older I grew out of that ‘dream’.

* That’s me, the little boy to right (thanks mum)

Now I am studying to work in business (preferably human resources), but who knows where my career and studies will take me. I do know one thing though, no matter what income focused job I land, my passion for the wellbeing of individuals and animals, as well as adventuring around the world will never fade away. Even if I do pursue a career in the business world, I will be doing what I am passionate about as a hobby.

Loving my dogs so much and having an interest in the health of animals, I would work for almost nothing if income was not a necessity. When I get the chance to think about what my life is really about, I write a couple of goals down. I want to do everything I can to fulfil my life.

I couldn’t imagine living a life where every day I went to a job that I miserably disliked. One thing I am good at in my life is ensuring that if I am not happy with something it should be fixed. Asap! It doesn’t create a positive working environment for your colleagues, let alone the impact it would have on your sanity when working in a industry you hate. Find a passion, a hobby or a small interest and work off that.

My work experience ranges from years of retail, to being a fish monger and administration. Where I am now, I am so happy with. But I have worked my butt off, and still very much am. Nothing comes to those who wait, it’s all about the time, effort and attitude that you put in. Don’t ever let someone tell you that it isn’t the right choice for you, or it wouldn’t suit you…no one knows you better than yourself. Some career options may take effort, but why not make the effort if you know you will love it?

“If you do what you love,
you’ll never work a day in your life”.

In 4 months’ time I am getting on a plane and I am going to absolutely love every single bit of it! I’ll finally get my taste of what I have so deeply been desiring. I plan to take in every moment, every sunset, every smile, every beach and every bit of culture that decides to give me a little slap in the face. And when I get off that plane, back in Australia, I will finally be looking for a career that doesn’t involve providing a uni timetable for. And this is all very exciting for me, especially because I have put in the time for something I will pursue and love doing.

What do you love doing? And are you doing it..?

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