As some of you may already know, Istanbul (Turkey) will be my first stop when I adventure off into the world in a couple of months. And that is where we are going today, in my ‘Where to Wednesday’.

To be honest, I never would have guessed that would be my first stop during my Europe/South America escapade, but it makes me that little bit more excited. Nervous, but excited. The first thing I think of, and I am sure many of you do also when Turkey comes to mind is Cappadocia. Home to the breathtaking hot air balloon images you may find all over the internet. To miss this opportunity whilst I am there is not an option. Viewing the scenery from above would make me speechless and I literally can’t wait.

Turkey is also home to a lot of cultural and colourful places such as the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest markets in the world. What excites me about this is the amount of colour and fragrance there will be covering the market, but the thing I am most nervous about is…will I have enough strength to resist temptation to shop on my first stop? Too many things, so little packing room.

And I will also be needing extra room for food, that’s why there will be no jeans on this trip. A couple of months ago I tried a dish called ‘Manti’, I fell in love. It is such a simple dish but yet so yummy! Manti is a hot dish with mini dumpling like dough balls, usually with a small filling, and topped with cold yogurt/sour cream and garlic. Definitely adding some paprika or spices is a must. Trying local foods is probably going to be my highlight of this whole trip.

This brings me to my discussion topic; have you been to Turkey before? If you have, what are some travel tips you could give me or any places you would recommend checking out? And for those that haven’t been yet, what are you most excited to see?

I had such a great time reading through everyone’s responses last week, and can’t wait for the adventure stories this week.

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    1. It is exciting. I think it will be totally different when I am there but it’ll be cool to see things and say “I remember when I wrote about this and now I’m here..”
      Love your support


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