Let’s start off by not discussing how long it has been since my last post, but rather what has happened during that time.

The biggest news I have to share with you all, is that I finally completed my Bachelor of Business degree. Yaaay! 3 years ago I felt like this journey would feel like a life time, but now it’s completely finished. Unless I go back to do a Masters, nonetheless let’s just relax for now and focus on my time to travel the globe. During my time away Ben and I also celebrated our 3 years together. Now that’s what I call a life time. To celebrate, we headed to Cumberland River on the Great Ocean Road.

This weekend was much needed. Ben was working numerous hours a week, and myself studying and working was draining us both. So this celebration could not have come sooner.

Cumberland River is located along The Great Ocean Road, in The Otways region of Victoria. Our camping spot was perfect, we booked a space at the Cumberland River Holiday Park and got an amazing view right along the river, and just under the hills. Nothing better than waking up to the sound of trickling water and native birds.

we started the day off going for a hike to Cumberland Falls and Jeobs Pool. Now let me start off by saying, if you haven’t been there before, don’t guess the route. Ben thought he would disregard the map and follow his own path. Once I came upon the skull of an animal, I knew it was a sign that it was the wrong way hahaha. Once we realised that paths stopped on one side of the river, we knew we had to jump along the rocks to get to the rest of the track.

Heading back home for the day, The Great Ocean Road, left us nothing short of great views for the drive home.

Now we can smell the finish line, for departing at the airport. Our 4 month trip planning is almost completed. We have been gathering a lot of information, and thank you for all the help from everyone’s feedback regarding my previous Where to Wednesday’s. I cannot wait to fill you in on where we are heading to and what we have planned.

“Jobs fill your pockets, Adventures fill your soul”

I am just so excited to finally have the free time and energy to put towards my adventures. Definitely missed writing and even exercising. If you want to keep up with my daily life, please follow my Instagram and say hey! Thanks for reading and can’t wait for my next post…Where to Wednesday.

Keep smiling …. 😊

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