This has been the longest build up, and I am even shocked at myself that I haven’t spilt the beans. The beans being all the places we are going to and all the fun things we are doing on our adventurous getaway. But let’s be realistic, if I told you everything then nothing would be a surprise and/or exciting. But I will tell you one thing…

There has been a change in course though. South America flights (in and out of the continent), have just proven themselves to be way over our budget. This has led to the not so shitty decision of moving the last 2 months to Egypt, India and Sri Lanka. On a serious note, can you complain with that alternative? I think not!

Obviously for myself every country is a new country, although I have not asked for recommendations for India and Sri Lanka. So please, if you have any suggestions for accommodation or places to eat and visit share with me. Even some fun travel stories, or not so fun scams you have encountered.

When travelling, one main aspect that we love to focus on getting a traditional feel of is food. Food is so different around the world. For example, Indian food in Melbourne is not the same as traditional Indian food in India. That’s why I would love to find some of those hidden, or local restaurants that don’t cater to tourist taste buds. Although I am not a chilli (spicy) person, I am excited to have a try of some aromatic spices.

MMMMMM! I can only imagine what the local markets smell like.
Not too long now…

Until next time….keep smiling 😊

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