Has this been the longest anticipation I have ever experienced? I think so!

Mid 2017 Ben and I decided it was time for us to finally plan a trip. But we knew this wouldn’t be a short trip to Queensland or camping in the Victorian outback. This had to be something special.

Today we leave for one of the most epic (yes, EPIC!) trips we will experience. I’m sure there will be more to follow, but the first bite of food is always the most exciting.

During this time as I am new to the backpacking world, I want to focus on saving my memories in the form of blog posts and social media photos. But from this I want to inspire others to get out there, and also those already out there to re visit emotions and memories they had during a particular destination. Ben has done alot more travel, therefore he will definitely be seeing himself in me. I got excited from finding out about free meals on the plane (usually travel budget domestic)…wait till I see a Mosque in Turkey or the beaches in Croatia….

Follow my journey as I hope to not only do all of the above but to grow as a person and show you all the great places of the world.

Until next time …. keep smiling 😊

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