Istanbul > Cappadocia > Pamukkale.

This was our first destination for our trip. And boy has it been an adventure already. From Mosque touring, to hot air balloon rides and ATV adventures. This first week has set some pretty high standards for the rest of this trip. Although with a hiccup along the way, a nice relaxing break from activities isn’t the worst. But first...


Istanbul is beautiful, exotic, and old but new. It’s a place filled with kittens, corn cobs and Mosques. Which gives you alot to see. The food is delicious! If you get a chance to find Manti, do not miss that oppurtunity. It is a local favourite and I love it.


Our hostel was a place I would definitely recommend and would go back to myself. It is called ‘Bucoleon by Cheers

Here is the hiccup, during a day trip to Taksim, Ben had dislocated his knee. We returned back to our room at the hostel and explained to the owner what had happened. We had a local friend drive us directly to emergency and we were able to have medical attention provided. The staff and owner especially have such great people skills, and we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality.

And just to add, there was nothing broken. Just excess swelling that has not prevented us from doing anything. Yay!


One of my favourite highlights was our jetlag. And this is usually not everyones favourite part of travel but for us it gave us picturesque memories. We woke up at 3.30am unplanned, and found ourselves leaving the hostel 30 minutes later to catch the sunrise. We attempted our first time lapse which I hope to show you all soon. If you find yourself waking up early, take a walk to the Galata Bridge. You won’t regret it. Plus all the tourists wake up after 10am so you’ll have the city light up for you, with the smell of fresh burek and turkish coffee.


Cappadocia is famous for hot air balloons and caved homes in the mountains. The people their are so kind and welcoming.


Whenever someone searches Cappadocia on the internet it will come up with the beautiful hot air balloons. And even though Ben had a injured knee, we made this possible. We also ventured off on a ATV sunset tour. There is nothing you can do wrong in Cappadocia, every tour and tourist site is beautiful.

One of the coolest things we did besides the hot air balloon, was a visit to the underground city. Kaymakli was the one we visited as it had been mentioned it is the widest of them all. Unfortunately there were still small tight tunnels to walk through, but it was an experience we didn’t want to miss.


We did not stay in the busy centre, although we did visit for a day. Our cave hotel stay was in a beautiful family owned hotel called ‘Ortahisar Cave Hotel‘. This place made me feel at home. We layed under a tree in a hammock picking out blackberries, while we also sat with the family and conversated through google translate.

The night buses for me are a killer, but please don’t miss Cappadocia if you get a chance to go Turkey!


Last stop for our Turkey tour. By this point we were quite tired and overwhelmed as we had done several night buses, early wake ups and flights. But that didnt stop us from visiting a day in Pamukkale.


I can’t recommend too much here as we were in the city for less than 12hours. Because of this we just rented a room for the day to catch up on sleep and a good shower. The locals were kind enough to find us a suitable room.


It was one of our hottest days so far, and not just hot but also dry. Although for one day we didn’t want to miss out on any experiences. We decided to get a taxi to the South entrance of the thermal pools. The south entrance takes you directly up the hill, otherwise the other entrances have a 30-45min walk up a hill.

This place was beautiful. Alot to see and many shady spots to relax under. It was very crowded, so this may be a spot to get to early morning. All bus tours arrive around 9am-10am, so the earlier the better.

Overall, Turkey is beautiful. City people we found to be rude, although the villagers are welcoming but nonetheless scenery is beyond amazing. There is plenty to do for all ages and it was a great start to this big trip.

Until next time …. keep smiling 😊

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