What will life be like after travel? Or what should life be like always regardless?

We have been travelling now for 2 and a half weeks. It has been already a crazy rollercoaster ride. To say it has been smooth sailing would be a lie…

Its hot, night buses kill me and we are not multilingual. Ben dislocated his knee, we drive each other insane and my gut is still getting comfortable. Oh and mosquitoes love me.

On a brighter note! I am travelling with my best friend. Ticking off new adventures and experiences everyday. I am already thinking about the life I want when I get back home. Yes I know what you’re thinking “she’s now become this free spirit traveller”. Before this trip I was a very positive person, if not, I was working towards it.

Life is definitely not made to just get by. To just make money to pay for petrol to get to work. It’s to be excited for Mondays just as much as Fridays. Life is about making the most inportant person happy, yourself.

When you travel and more accurately if you’re planning to travel and haven’t done so before, keep an open mind. I travelled through the streets of Greece without taking a moment, until I sat down and realised “I’m actually here”. Many things won’t be as you think they are. But that’s the beauty of not just travel but life itself.

Nothing is as it seems, is it better than you thought? Or is it worse? Regardless..it’s an experience. Take each day slow and live it. You work 9-5pm enjoy a beautiful dinner, good book or something you enjoy.

It may not be an easy start, but it is a start.

Until next time….keep smiling 😊

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