Ios > Santorini

These were definitely two different islands but I fell in love with both.

During this part of the trip we had the pleasure of sharing it with Bens brother and his friends. And this made it alot more social for us as we haven’t stayed in a shared hostel yet.

First stop Ios..


Ios was a great first start to this amazing Greek adventure. It was a break from overnight buses and being a tourist all day. I definitely recommend either a scooter or more so a ATV for your stay. With this we were able to travel at our own pace, and also drive up the dirt tracks of the mountains.

This was an island where i loved to just walk. Walk through the town and admire the beautiful architecture and the pink flowers blossimg amongst the white walls. To walk with my bare feet in the sand and dive into the crystal clear blue waters. Refreshing!


Being 23 and still fun 😊 we stayed at Farout beach club, camping option. This accommodation consisted of nightly parties filled with cocktails, pool parties and maybe I felt a little old compared to some. But for myself it was a great week there.

Our tent was a 2 man, and it definitely was tight and hot. So I would reccomend one of the many types of housing options. Unless you don’t mind abit of morning heat through your tent.


ATV yet again! Although this time we had no tour, no guide and just the road ahead of us. We took the bikes up the dirt tracks to the top of the mountain. From here we were able to see the most amazing views and even picked a few figs for the drive home.

We were able to experience not just the party side of the island, but the cultural. Visiting goats, churches and even local loving restaurants.


I fell in love with this island and the people that live/work there so much, I honestly am considering coming back. They are so humble and genuine, it was like meeting up with friends everywhere you go.

When you go to the main centre, don’t pass these bars:

  • Slammer: (my favourite) You never know what they will hit you on the head with
  • Baru: Ask for a sour shot! Sour lollies and do we not have this in Melbourne?


This was definitely a change from Ios. Way less booze, teenagers and the late night struggle of finding a way back home after a night out. Ios had a bus to the centre but with no buses and limited taxis it was hard to find a way home.

Santorini was more cultural than Ios. There was definitely tourism spots though, including a McDonalds in the the main centre of Fira. For these couple of days we hired a car to drive to Fira and Oia. Oia is a great place to enjoy yummy food with sea side views, shop the markets and take some beautiful photos. Sunset is probably a highlight here. Although get in early as it becomes very overcrowded very fast.

Coming home, the airport bites more than it can chew. Try not to come too early. It is a hot small airport. The take off though is beautiful, having a clear sky made it an amazing view.

Overall it was a great chapter of the holiday. Made so many local friends and a love for the islands themselves.

* If you want to see more photos follow my instagram.

There will be extra posts for particular food destinations and more. Keep an eye out!

Until next time …. keep smiling 😊

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