Starting this blog I definitely wanted to entertain readers out there and assist other travellers, as well as being able to store my memories in written form. This was so I can look back and read my memories like stories.

I have always loved writing, especially poetry! And I have almost stopped but still write in my book here and there. When writing, my imagination is free to explore every possible scenario. Any colours, any smell, anyone, anywhere.

This thought has come to me during my recent posts on my travels. As much as I love sharing my experiences in the form of educational tourism content, I more so want to share my story of adventure. The format in which I share this with you, I want you to be able to picture these moments. To be able to almost smell that pizza I’m eating or feel the camel I’m next to.

My stories should be a holiday visted by all that read. Isn’t that what stories are about? Engaging with those that want to be lost in a book!

Can’t wait to share a day in Rome! Until next time …. 😊

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